The Commune of Pelluhue is located on the coast of the province of Cauquenes, in the seventh Maule Region (VII-Maule), the ridge between the coast and the Pacific Ocean. It was formed as a commune in 1982 and has different locations scattered across the length and breadth of its geography

Pueblo Hundido, Mariscadero, Pelluhue, Curanipe, Cerro Verde, Quinta Chile, Pocillas, Cardonal, Mata Boldo, El Risco, Chovellen, Quilicura, Salto de Agua, Canelillo, Tregualemu.

No doubt that this diversity of settlements is due to its geographical reality, which has marked the growth of the community. The settlements are located principals toward the coast, in the coastal plains, which are connected with inland towns located in basins of rivers and estuaries, to finally finish in the interior villages located on the slopes of the Cordillera de la Costa.

This diversity is reflected in the activities carried out in the commune, from farming to forestry or fishing craft and the growing tourism development.

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