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We are an independent portal with social objectives. Our main objective is to form a structure to be a source of information, clear, current that can develop and promote tourism across the spectrum in the best way possible by designing a network, to communicate and contact with others, to frame whole area of the Territory South Maule.

We want to be a showcase to the world of all the highlights of the various locations that comprise it: its people, its products and services. Broadcast news, rents, services, products, promotetheir events, activities and all that is noteworthy places that make up the territory South Maule.
Curanipetur is a portal that is constantly evolving. We hope to continue to evolve and be a contribution to the people, their temporary and permanent residents. Of course the invitation is made and we are waiting with open arms.

The main idea of this website is to provide complete assistance on your requirements. That's why we offer expert advice on what you need in a particular way, either: publish, advertise, promote, cover an event, sell, lease, etc.. being part of Curanipetur subscriber or contributor. This ensures you have a space in the portal exclusively for your product or service. In this space you will expose efficiently and with our support everything you need your product or service. If you want a more accurate and detailed information please contact us it.