MIRADOR ALTO LAS BRISAS (Apart Hotel, Cabañas, Departamentos) - Pelluhue


Cabin Rooms to Suites. 4-9 people.
Meeting Room. Swimming pool for adults and children. Playground.
Fully equipped. Private Parking.
Overview of Pelluhue
Attention all year.

In Pelluhue Heights oceanfront. With a breathtaking view is Mirador Alto Las Brisas an ideal place to spend a pleasant and unforgettable stay. Departments type cabins and Suite rooms with all the amenities you need to relax.
It has a children's playground, barbecue area, meeting room and pool.
Located in the downtown of perfectly alternating Pelluhue proximity to local businesses with the tranquility of its dependencies. Private parking and run by its owners.

Telephone: 08.5989751
Alto Las Brisas - Pelluhue Alto (Altura Plaza de Armas)
e-mail: curanipetur@gmail.com
Pelluhue, VII Región del Maule, Chile